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Meaning of the name

Rimma in translation from Greek means "bull's-eye", "Roman".


Little Rimma is extremely communicative, can easily gain confidence, finds an approach to any person. She can always persuade mom and dad, grandfather or grandmother, cheat, cry - and achieve what she wants.

From an early age, he shows the ability to present the "product with his face" and if he exchanges with peers, then with great benefit for himself. In achieving the goal, he shows cunning and resourcefulness. She loves to sleep in the morning, she can skip the lesson, but come up with a story that teachers, classmates, parents, and, in the end, herself will believe.

Adult Rimma is smart and observant, an excellent psychologist, knows human weaknesses well, knows how to use them. He does not show much zeal in his work, if there is an opportunity to shift some of the powers to a colleague - he will do it without hesitation and a twinge of conscience.

In achieving the desired special persistence does not show, however, he achieves his goal using cunning, intelligence and observation. Failures unsettle her, make her nervous and irritable. Rimma prefers to work in medicine or in the service sector.


Bright and attractive appearance, tastefully selected outfits, gentle voice ... Rimma has many admirers, among them she will choose not only the most passionate and persistent, but also the most wealthy. In bed, she is passionate and hot, if a man has a stronger temperament, he is inferior to him in love games.

She is extremely sensitive and emotional, the degree of her satisfaction from intimacy is in direct proportion to the state of Rimma's soul at the time of the date. Therefore, a man will have to make a lot of efforts to evoke as many positive emotions as possible in her. In this case, he will be rewarded with unforgettable erotic sensations.

Rimma marries a well-to-do man who is crazy about her and agrees to endure the whims of his beautiful wife, meekly fulfilling her desires and whims. He should remember that Rimma is a spender, chasing fashion, regardless of costs, and in no case transferring the family budget to her tender hands, even with the highest incomes, he risks being left penniless.

Rimma has almost no friends and girlfriends, as she is touchy and often uses relatives and acquaintances to achieve her goals, loves to manipulate people and is able to tell the first person she comes across for her own benefit. At the same time, she is quite hospitable, she simply has no equal in the preparation of pastries. But he doesn't like to keep order in the apartment.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Capricorn, Pisces.


The word Rimma gives the impression of something good, rough, angular, loud, powerful, bright, joyful.

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