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Ayorgu - a peasant
Aleksandru - protector of humanity
Aline - calm down
Andrey is a man, a warrior
Andrzej - man, warrior
Anton is invaluable

Beniemin - son of the southern
Besnik is a devotee
Bogden - a gift from God
Boiko - a resident of western Ukraine
Boldo - protect the king

Vasile - king

Vali - Strong Viorel - Bell
Virgiliu - bearer
Vasilica - king
Valeriu - Strong

Georg is a peasant
Grigor - cautious, vigilant
Gavril - the strong man of God
Ganady - noble
Guaril - champion, winner
Gudada - excellence
Gunari - military, warrior

Decebal - strong as ten
Georgie is a peasant
Doreen - of the Doric tribe
Douro - Desirable
Dragomir - precious world
Dragos - precious world
Dracul - devil or dragon
Dumitru - loves the earth
Danuts - judge

Eugen - Well Born

Zindelo - son, son

Elijah - God - My God
John is a good god
Ion is a good god
Ionel is a good god
Joseph - he will multiply
Iuliu - with a soft beard, a symbolic reference to youth
Julian - with a soft beard, symbolic reference to youth
Iencu - good god
Ion - God is kind
Joska - he will increase

Yonuts - good god

Karol is a man
Cyprian - from Cyprus
Claudiou - lame
Constantine - steady
Corneille - horn
Corneliu - horn
Cosmin - order, beauty
Catholic church - stable
Bones - stable
Kostin - steady
Christy is a follower of Christ
Christian is a follower of Christ
Catalin - pure

Liviu - bluish
Loise is a famous warrior
Lukaa - from Lucania
Laurentiu - from Laurentum
Lucian - lungs

Marian - like Marius
Marku - warlike
Mericano - warlike
Milos - the glory of benefit
Mircea - the world
Mitika - loves the earth
Mihai - who is like God?
Mihaita - who is like a god?
Marco is militant

Nekulei - victory of people
Nelu is a good god
Nikola - victory of people
Nicolae - victory of people
Niku - victory of people
Nikuzor - victory of people
Nandru - prepared for the trip

Ovidiu - Shepherd of Sheep
Orel - golden

Pali - small
Punk - rock, stone
Peter - rock, stone
Petrika - rock, stone
Petru - rock, stone
Petsha - free
Pesha - small
Pitivo - rock, stone
Pitti - rock, stone
Playmn - fire, flame
Pompiliu - show, solemn procession

Radu is happy

Sergey is a servant
Sergiu - Servant
Sizer - hairy
Silviu - from the forest
Simions - listening, listening intently
Skender - protector of humanity
Sorin - the sun
Stevo - crowned
Stelien - pillar
Stephen - crown
Sandu is the protector of humanity

Toma is a twin
Tamas is a twin
Tiberiu - from the Tiber (river)
Tobar - from the Tiber (river)

Wadim - knowledge
Walter - ruler of the army

Fein - crown
Ferka - free
Florin - flower
Flaviu - yellow hair
Fonso - noble and ready

Hanzi - God is kind
Harman is a brave, hardy man
Henrik - housekeeper
Horatiu - has good eyesight
Haralampie - bright happiness

Sandor - proud
Stefan - crown

Emilian is a competitor
Emilian is a competitor

Yanko - God is kind
Janoro - January

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