Third month of pregnancy

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Future child

Height - 6-8 cm, weight - 14-19 g.

By the middle of the month, the child will no longer be called an embryo, but a fetus. In the future, they will only grow.

In the third month, the placenta is finally formed, which will take over all the life support functions of the baby. From 12 weeks, you can hear the baby's heartbeat using special devices.

The child's brain develops the fastest. Every minute 250 thousand new neurons appear. The cerebellum is formed, the cerebral part of the adrenal glands is laid. The spine, the spinal cord are fully formed, the bone substance is formed.

Your baby is becoming more and more human. The child's face continues to form: the eyes, nose, ears and mouth take their proper place, and an iris even forms in the eyes.

The skeleton of the child continues to grow, bones acquire joints. By the end of the third month, the baby will be able to bend and unbend the arms and legs, squeeze the fingers into a fist and connect the arms to each other, stretch, turn and change the position of the body, bend and unbend the back, wave his arms, kick his legs. But mom still doesn't feel these movements.

The child's muscles are not developed, and subcutaneous fat is not formed, which, in addition to everything, performs the function of a thermoregulator. But the baby is already starting to move and train actively. In addition, scientists claim that he has a reaction in the form of primitive facial expressions to what is happening around: the movements of the umbilical cord, fluctuations in the amniotic fluid, movements of his own arms and legs.

The central organ of the endocrine system, the pituitary gland, begins to work. The intestines learn to make contractions and also to digest glucose and sugar. Thanks to the contractions, amniotic fluid and dead cells will be excreted from the intestines, which the baby swallows.

The respiratory system continues to form: by the end of the month, the lungs and sternum are so formed that the baby can take his first breath, although it will inhale not air, but amniotic fluid. The kidneys are sufficiently developed to begin actively filtering blood and removing unnecessary substances from the child's body.

The sex of the baby is laid down at birth, but only by the end of 12 weeks can one with a high probability of an error be seen on an ultrasound scan who exactly sits in the mother's tummy: a boy or a girl.

Unfortunately, modern technology cannot provide an absolutely accurate diagnosis of the sex of a child before the 20th week of pregnancy. True, many doctors can establish the sex of a child by indirect signs, for example, the length of the hip in boys is usually less than that of girls.

Future mom

By the end of the month, you will gain about 2 kg in weight, this is considered normal. But do not worry if there is no increase at all or if it is more than normal. Any pregnancy is individual and weight at this time can become a problem only if other unfavorable signs are observed in the mother's condition (edema, too much toxicosis, abnormal pressure, etc.).

If you did not visit a doctor last month, be sure to do it in the third and register with the LCD. About what tests you will need to pass, see the article for the second month of pregnancy.

The uterus is noticeably enlarged and you can even feel it if you gently feel the abdomen above the pubic bones. The chest is swollen and sometimes aches, the waist has increased. It's time to go buy special maternity clothes.

You still have increased fatigue, drowsiness, irritability, toxicosis. The consolation is that by the 12th week the toxicosis should end, so there is very little left to endure.

Among other troubles that a pregnant woman may encounter in the third month, include:
- increased heart rate, drop or increase in pressure;
- anemia;
- constipation, hemorrhoids and sciatic nerve irritation;
- problems with hair and teeth;
- phlebeurysm.

Therefore, we recommend that you carefully monitor your condition and consult a doctor in time. We remind you that you must take vitamins for pregnant women. They contribute to the formation of the placenta, without which it is impossible for the child to develop, and in addition, they support the mother's body.

At 11-12 weeks, you must pass additional tests (clinical blood, total urine and double screening test). A double test is a blood screening to detect Down syndrome (dementia), Edwards syndrome (mental retardation), Patau syndrome and some others. All of them arise as a result of changes in chromosomes, unfortunately, incurable.

To identify syndromes, a blood test is taken from a vein for 2 markers: free beta-hCG subunit and PAPP-A protein (plasma protein A). This test, combined with an ultrasound of the fetal neck area, gives an accuracy of 85%.

The chance that your child has a chromosomal defect is small. Even if the screening shows results that do not coincide with the norm, it is necessary to retake blood and do a second ultrasound. The result of the analysis is also greatly influenced by smoking, a large mother's body weight, pregnancy as a result of IVF, multiple pregnancies or erroneous timing.

Before 12 weeks, it is advisable to complete the bureaucratic formalities and register with your residential complex at the place of residence, even if you are being observed and are going to give birth for a fee.

You need to appear in your residential complex to obtain a birth certificate, which not only entitles you to free childbirth, but is also required when registering a newborn child at a children's clinic.

In case of disagreement with health workers, write down the telephone numbers of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development.

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