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The Valerievichs are distinguished by their rare hard work and dedication. It is difficult to stop such people if they have something in mind, are in search of a solution, or even act.

Valerievichs do not tolerate other people's advice, up to open conflicts with such uninvited "assistants". However, these men, although quick-tempered, are completely unforgiving.

The Valerievichs prefer to determine their own lives, rather than adapting to some external circumstances. These men love to command (even if only their relatives), but because of their categorical and non-diplomatic nature, they rarely make good leaders, therefore, their career paths are thorny and difficult.

To make a decision, the owners of this middle name prefer to scrupulously study the situation and all its components. Acting at random is not their rule. Therefore, decision-making is not given to them quickly, because of this, many even consider the Valerievichs to be inhibited.

In family life, they prefer to make a choice once and for all, although this is less true for those who are born in the summer.

In general, Valerievichs are popular with women, but although it is difficult to break up their marriage, many women still try to do it.

The spouse is usually chosen calm, those who will endure their domineering and quick-tempered nature.

Women with such a middle name are distinguished by excessive straightforwardness. In their intention to achieve the goal, they are focused, persistent and stubborn, rarely abandoning their plans halfway.

Valerievny are convinced of their point of view and it is always difficult to persuade them.

These women are distinguished by a kind attitude towards people, a desire and willingness to help others in a difficult situation, therefore, they are always loved and appreciated in the team. Often, even the employees themselves nominate the owners of this patronymic to leadership positions, assessing her organizational skills.

Valerievnas have good self-esteem (usually they know their worth and do not build illusions about their imaginary merits) and excellent taste. Although do not be surprised to see her in a stunning disputable outfit, because this outrageous simply pursues its momentary goals, the everyday style of clothing is neat and has style.

Valerievnas have a good sense of humor and possess different facets of it - irony, satire, it allows them to even make fun of themselves.

These women are always visible in society, and therefore attract men. However, usually Valerievny find their happiness not with their first husband.

In personal life, they do not tolerate the interference of relatives in their affairs.

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