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Oskarovich is a person who cannot sit still. He is constantly on the move, gives birth to ideas, proposals, and, what is important, brings them to life.

Oskarovich carefully selects assistants for himself, often preferring to choose relatives altogether. It is quite difficult to communicate with these men, they are unpredictable.

The owners of such a patronymic do not give free rein to their feelings, they keep themselves in control, although they are emotional by nature. The Oscarovichs are especially irritated by criticism and open disagreement with their opinion.

These men, in addition to the analytical rock of the mind, also have a perspicacious intuition. Oskarovichs are well versed in people, immediately noticing insincerity in words. These men are altruistic by nature, often help the poor, do good deeds for free.

Oskarovichs get married early, but usually they get divorced quickly. They find their happiness only in their second marriage. These men are very domestic, they love to tinker with their children, discuss their current affairs with their wife.

Wives usually give birth to them daughters. The Oskarovichs prefer to spend their rest at home, or in nature with their families, these men are not very hospitable.

Oscarovs are very energetic people. The ability of these women is to make quick decisions and act in critical situations.

Oskarovny, in general, qualitatively analyzes everything that is happening around her, the essence of what is happening is always clear to her, she has a good memory, but everything she needs is stored there. Such women have frequent mood swings, they can quickly flare up, but just as quickly and go out.

Curiosity is characteristic of these women, for which they sometimes even suffer. The Oskarovs are very independent and value fairness.

The owners of this patronymic know how to admit their mistakes, are objective towards other people, not hiding their attitude towards them. They are good loyal friends, but they often choose either men or girlfriends with a strong character as friends.

These women are very talented, preferring a rational approach to business. At work, this is an enterprising employee who is not afraid of large volumes. However, in a truly high quality, with a soul, he does only what they like.

The Oskarovs are very fond of comfort, so they prefer to rest either at home or in comfortable conditions, hiking and tents are not for them. These women are very hospitable, having called someone to visit, they can call back several times and remind about it.

The Oscarovns usually get married once, choosing a strong, self-confident person as their husband.

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