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We often use our favorite products without even thinking about who came up with them. Among them are sweets "Rafaello" and "Ferrero Roshen", dragee "Tik-Tak", chocolate eggs "Kinder" and much more.

The very same delicate chocolate cream with a nutty flavor has a rather interesting history. And this paste appeared, as is often the case with ingenious inventions, quite by accident. Let's start the story about her from afar. In 1946, Italian Pietro Ferrero, a native of the province of Cuneo, inherited a small bakery from his parents. This shop was located in the city of Alba in the north of the country.

Pietro loved to fantasize and experiment so much that soon an ordinary bakery shop turned into a pastry shop with its own workshop. There Ferrero spent all his free time constantly experimenting with new ingredients. After all, Pietro liked so much to delight his customers with new and unusual sweets. The pastry chef was assisted in this by his wife Pierre and brother Giovanni.

The years after World War II were not easy - almost no cocoa powder was imported into the country. Pietro Ferrero wondered how to keep the production of such popular sweets by all? He decided to use what his native land is rich in. In 1946, a pastry chef invented a delicacy - a soft chocolate bar. This dish was made from roasted hazelnuts and cocoa butter. The novelty delicacy was named Gianduja after a carnival character who participated in the very first advertisement for the bar.

At first, the pasta was produced in the form of small briquettes, which were wrapped in thin foil. On the label was a healthy Piedmont peasant woman hugging two joyful children. It was immediately clear that the original treat was very democratic and inexpensive. Even the poorest inhabitants of the town of Alba could afford it. The first consumers noted the taste of the product, its satiety and nutritional value. Italian mothers loved to cut the sweetness into thin slices and use them to make sandwiches for children. The same ones secretly got rid of the bread and ate pure pasta from their parents.

For three years, gianduja nutty has become popular not only with local buyers, but throughout Piedmont. The special charm of the delicacy was in its changeable taste. The fact is that Pietro constantly experimented with components, turning his workshop into a real laboratory. And the pasta was selling better and better, the demand for it was constantly growing. One day, Ferrero received an important order for a large batch of gianduja bars for a city party. Pietro set to work creating hundreds of delicious pastries. When the job was done, the pastry chef quietly went to bed.

The next morning it turned out that the whole huge party, in which the family had invested all their small profits, simply melted from the heat. Could the cheerful and cheerful Pietro Ferrero put up with such a blow of fate? It seemed that now his lot was to remain an ordinary baker. It's sad that it was the cakes that died, but the bread was at least something. And then a brilliant idea came to the pastry chef. He ordered his wife to cut the bread quickly, placing buns and all the fresh baked goods on the trays. An hour later, Ferrero was treating his visitors to a chocolate sandwich.

All they had to do was spread the spread "gianduyo" on the bread, creating a hearty and tasty dish. Children were the first to appreciate the novelty, of course. The product was quickly sold, and the revenue turned out to be even more than planned, because the melted mass was enough for a lot of sandwiches. Only now the wife noticed a few days later that the first gray hair appeared in her husband's hair. This is the memory of those moments when the work of a lifetime seemed irretrievably lost.

The heat has become a real family nightmare. But that summer horror gave birth to a rather strange tradition for the business world. Every summer, the huge company stops supplying chocolate products for three months. After all, stores are unlikely to be able to keep them in a marketable condition. This distrust of the heat gave rise to another invention - Rafaello sweets in waffle casing and with cream filling. Ferrero's many years of work to create a candy that would not be afraid of the heat was crowned with success.

And then Pietro took several melted pastries to his laboratory, studying them and trying to reproduce the resulting paste. The pastry chef re-read books, changed ingredients, adding butter, vanilla, or cocoa. Only six months later, the gianduja cream was born. There was not much cocoa in it, and it was inexpensive. But this delicacy was very delicate and had such a familiar chocolate-nut flavor. The success of the created cream has surpassed even the wildest expectations! By February 1946, Pietro had sold more than 2.5 tons of his product, which quickly conquered all of Italy.

Pietro began to develop his business together with his brother. In 1951, the Gianduio chocolate cream gets a new name - Supercrema. This delicacy is being sold in glass jars. And 12 years later, already in 1963, the recipe for the sweet was changed by Pietro's son, Michele. He gave the product a new name, by which we know it today - "Nutella". The word itself has two parts. The first is the English "nut" or "nut". And the second is the Italian "ella", the traditional ending for female names. On April 20, 1964, the first can of Nutella was launched at the Ferrero plant in Alba. The product became very successful in Europe and then around the world.

Today the famous cream is sold in 75 countries of the world, and on February 5, even the World Nutella Day is celebrated. Fans of this product have counted 50 ways to eat the cream. Today, it brings the Ferrero company 38% of its annual turnover of 5 billion euros. The recipe for the famous cream itself is kept secret, although its ingredients are known to everyone.

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