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Meaning of the name

Natella is translated from Georgian as "firefly".


Little Natella is a kind, sweet girl, easy to educate, a loyal friend. At the same time, she is very vulnerable, offended, she withdraws into herself, becomes gloomy and silent. Parents need to make a lot of effort to bring her out of this state.

Natella studies, usually, well, is distinguished by extreme devotion and loyalty, will not allow offending his friends, suppressing even harmless jokes about them. He enjoys love and respect among his classmates.

The adult Natella is an integral nature, passionate, deeply feeling, but able to control herself, a loyal and kind woman. She is well brought up, there is little that can make her mad.

She is making good progress in the service, and the one born in December is able to make a dizzying career thanks to her abilities, dedication and a clear mind. She is somewhat harsh, truthful and uncompromising.

Natella treats her parents with love and devotion, for their sake she is capable of sacrifices that can affect her own well-being or the well-being of her family.


Natella is passionate and sexy, has many fans, but promiscuous relationships are not for her. But if he chooses a partner, he will be able to keep, sacrificing a lot to preserve the relationship. She is monogamous, extremely jealous, but she will never arrange jealousy scenes for her husband.

She will never allow conflicts in the family, Natella is too smart to allow them. She prefers to restrain the feelings that overwhelm her, will suffer in silence, not sharing her personal problems even with loved ones.

Natella has an innate tact, knows how to establish excellent contact with her mother-in-law, her house is always cozy, warm and clean. She is an excellent hostess, an excellent cook. He devotes a lot of time and effort to raising children.



A rock

Topaz, hyacinth, white coral.

Zodiac sign

Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces.


The sound of the name Natella gives the impression of something big, majestic, good, beautiful.



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