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Meaning of the name

Mavra translated from Greek means "dark", "matte".


Little Mavra has a heightened sense of justice, is extremely curious, but restless, cannot concentrate on one subject or occupation for a long time. This becomes the reason for not particularly high school performance, although a sharp mind will not allow the girl to get bad grades.

Growing up, she learns to control herself, realizes that education is the basis of future success and, most often, she graduates from a university, although she can choose a job that is completely unrelated to the acquired specialty.

The adult Mavra is a maximalist, does not tolerate lies, will not dodge and cheat to achieve the goal. She does not know how to compromise, and this usually prevents her from achieving what she aspires to in life. She is not always able to correctly calculate her strength, so sometimes she leaves the distance a few meters from the finish line.

Mavra completely relies on luck and luck, and such tactics, unfortunately, do not always lead to success. She easily switches from one topic to another, it costs nothing to change the field of activity. She loves long journeys, so she never gives up on a business trip or a long trip.


Mavra is very sociable, easily makes friends, just as easily breaks off friendly relations when she gets bored with another friend or her friend stops arousing interest.

Mavra has the same relationship with her fans - she quickly makes contact, is flirtatious, but by no means constant in her affections. However, men are especially interested in the fact that in my new hobbies I am always sure that "this has never happened to me before!"

Mavra is charming and charming, sensual and passionate, but will remain for a long time only with a man, whose character is extremely multifaceted and the fantasy in love games is inexhaustible. Such a union promises to be strong and long-lasting, since both partners are sensual, passionate and multifaceted.

The main thing for the chosen one of Mavra is not to open all the cards at once, because for her, the knowledge of the secret and the unknown is the most important thing in love games.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The word Mavra gives the impression of something good, courageous, big, heavy, powerful.

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