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Meaning of the name

Malvina in translation from the ancient German means "weak", "gentle", "friend of justice".


At first glance, little Malvina is meekness, spontaneity and gentleness itself. However, those who know her better can confidently say that such an impression is deceiving. Since childhood, she has shown organizational talent, activity, quick reaction, curiosity.

She is somewhat boastful, but she has something to brag about! She usually studies well at school, in the class most often she is the headman, takes an active part in the life of the class and school.

Growing up, Malvina is increasingly showing brilliant intelligence and abilities of a born leader. The ability to analyze and synthesize is combined in it with an equally developed ability to grasp the whole problem, instantly outlining the optimal ways to solve the problem.

Arguing with Malvina is useless and even dangerous - having devoted a lot of effort to studying the issue under discussion, she certainly picked up such arguments against which the opponent would be powerless and in the end admits her rightness.

The bosses value Malvina very much as an executive, accurate, obligatory, creative worker who can quickly and clearly, even toughly, organize not only their work, but also the work of subordinates. Even the fact that, defending her opinion, Malvina often goes into conflict with the leader does not interfere with such an attitude of the boss.

An exception is Malvina, born in May. She is cunning, evasive, skillfully avoiding sharp corners in relations with superiors. Colleagues, however, often dislike her for her organizational talent manifested in everything.

With a sharp mind and a lively character, Malvina feels comfortable only when she actively participates in life. Fast and somewhat harsh, she is intolerant of the shortcomings of others, does not tolerate people who are slow, half asleep - they just annoy her.

In leadership positions, this woman can achieve dizzying success, although she can achieve a lot in other areas of activity.


In any company, Malvina will not go unnoticed - she is beautiful, artistic, self-confident, jealously making sure that her dignity does not go unnoticed by others - she inherited these features from her mother.

He has many admirers, whom he leads easily and skillfully. Perfectly controls himself, never rushes headlong into the arms of a man.

A fan will have to spend a lot of effort and money to win her heart, but as a result, he will be rewarded with the widest range of unforgettable erotic experiences and sensations.

However, in bed, he is unlikely to be assigned a leading role - Malvina is used to commanding in life, and the intimate sphere is no exception. But she is sexy and inventive, a man who "surrendered into her hands" will not regret his choice.

Having married, Malvina continues to maintain a leadership position, but does not show despotism, acting by conviction, not coercion. She is an excellent hostess, clean, knows how to furnish a house well, is proud of this and will not miss an opportunity to show off her achievements.


Orange, magenta.

A rock

Orange topaz, jade.

Zodiac sign

Aries, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius.


The word Malvina gives the impression of something good, safe, slow.

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