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Aapeli - Shepherd
Aapo - father of many children
Aarn - the power of the eagle
Aatos - thought
Aato - noble wolf
Aatu - noble wolf
Aymo is a generous amount
Achills - the painful
Axeli - my father - the world
Aku - venerable
Alexanteri - Defender of Humanity
Alexi - defender
Alpertti - bright nobility
Altti - bright nobility
Henri - home ruler
Anselmi - God Protector
Anssi - God Protector
Antero - man, warrior
Antti - man, warrior
Arvo - benefit
Armas - the beloved
Armo - grace
Artaud - the bear man
Artteri - the man-bear
Arttu - Bear Man
Ahti - turning caves into pearls
Ahto is the master of the wave
Aateami - earth

Valto - famous ruler
Valtteri - ruler of the army
Veikko - brother
Veli - brother
Weights are a young tree
Viljami - helmet
Viljo - helmet
Will - helmet
Wilpu - helmet
Wilhelmi - helmet
Vilho - helmet
Wine - delicate
Voitto - victory
Waynamoinen - wide and slow-flowing river
Wayno - wide and slow-flowing river

Erho - brave

Iizakki - laughing
Iikka - laughing
Iiro - laughing
Ilidjumala - Supergod
Ilis - god - my god
Ilmari - air
Ilmarinen - air
Had - competing
Intu - enthusiasm
Irdzhana - peasant
Irjo - a peasant
Irie is a peasant
Irikki - ruler
Irki - a peasant
Iro - ruler
Ismo - heard by God
Itu is the guardian of prosperity

Kaapo - the strong man of God
Kaapro - the strong man of God
Kaarl - Human
Kaarlo is a man
Kari - the blessed one
Kastaa - a staff for thought
Casti - a staff for thought
Keilva - blacksmith
Keilvey - Blacksmith
Kiosti - a staff for thought
Coco is far away
Number - person

Lassi - from Laurentum
Lemminkainen - love
Livi - connected, attached
Lono - the victory of people
Lori - from Lorentum
Luukas - from Lucania
Leiss - from Laurentum

Markku - warlike
Marty - from Mars
Matthias - a gift from God
Matti - a gift from God
Mika - who is like a god?
Mikko - who is like a god?
Mono - large
Monu - big
Mori - black, moor
Maynayo is excellent

Niilo - victory of the people
Niirikki - associated with the biblical Nemrod
Niko - victory of people
Nua - rest

Oiwa - luxurious
Okasti - venerable
Olavi - heir, descendant
Olis - useful
Ollie - heir, descendant
Unnie is luck
Oscari the deer lover
Osku is a lover of deer
Otso - bear

Paavali - small
Paavo - small
Pazi is the king
Pauli - small
Pekka - rock, stone
Pekko - the name of the god of barley and brewing
Pellervo - region
Penti - Blessed
Perty - a bright nobility
Perthu - son of Talmay
Petri - rock rock
Petteri - rock, stone
Piri - snow storm, blizzard
Petari - rock, stone

Ransu - free
Reidjo - cautious, alert
Reima is a wise defender
Reino is a wise ruler
Ryoko - cautious, alert
Riku is powerful and brave
Risto - Christ the Bearer
Ryti is a peaceful ruler
Richard - powerful and brave
Roop - famous
Rupertti - famous
Ruuben - the contemplator
Reimo is a wise protector

Sakari - God remembers
Saku - God remembers
Sampaa - the sun
Sampsa - area
Samu - heard by God
Samuli - heard by God
Sunny is the protector of humanity
Santu - protector of humanity
Severi - strict
Sepi - from Sebeist (a city in Asia Minor)
Seppo - blacksmith
Shizu - definition
Simo - listener
Soini - boy
Salts - in demand
Sulo - charm, grace
Seikk - God remembers

Taavetti - beloved
Taavi - beloved
Tapani - crown
Tarmo - energy
Tattoo - God is my judge
Tahvo - crown
Teinley - God is my judge
Teppo - crown
Thero - man, warrior
Terho - acorn
Teuvo - a gift from God
Timo - God-worshiper
Timu - victory of people
Toivo - hope
Tommy is a twin
Tohno - humble, peaceful
Topi - God is good
Topias - God is good
Torsti - the stone of Thor
Tuomas is a twin
Tuomo is a twin
Teisto - battle

Ukko is an old man
Walevi - heir, descendant
Usko - faith

Fredrik is a peaceful ruler

Hannu is a good god
Harry - home ruler
Hezekil - God will increase
Heikki - home ruler
Henrikki - Household Ruler
Hermanni - Army Man

Eil - protector of humanity
Aljas - God - My God
Ensio - first
Erkki - ruler
Erno - the fighter against death
Esa - god - salvation

Yuzeppi - multiplying
Yukaheinen - large
Yuko - big
Yuna is a dove
Yunas - a dove
Yuni is a good god
Yuuzo - multiplying
Juha is a good god
Juhana is a good god
Juhani is a good god
Juho is a good god

Jaakko - displacer
Yakka is a good god
Hyalmari - Warrior of the Helmet
Yalo - kind and noble
Yani is a good god
Yari - warrior of the helmet
Yaska - displacer
Yassi is a good god

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