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Azerbaijan is famous for the wealth of preserved traditions and customs, which are kept and honored by every family. After all, it is so wonderful when, during the most important events in a person's life, ancient customs are remembered, with which a wedding, the birth of a child or other celebration turns into a spectacular spectacle.

Azerbaijani families are famous for their hospitality, which perfectly reflects all the national customs of the country. Many centuries ago, when this country was just in its infancy, guests were treated with special respect, because at that time people lived in tribes and every person who decided on a long journey was a very brave person who must be provided with shelter and food.

There are several traditions that have been preserved to this day. Every family in Azerbaijan welcomes guests with a full table. The most delicious dishes can be prepared especially for the guest, fresh meat is fried and the best sweets are put on the table. All attention is given only to the guest who is treated with great respect.

Another interesting custom that may not be hospitable. According to custom, if a bag of groceries is prepared for a guest, this indicates that it is time for the guest to leave the hospitable home. Each country has its own inviolable traditions, which may not always be clear, but which are important for every nation.

However, among the large number of not forgotten customs among Azerbaijanis, the most striking event is the wedding, as well as preliminary matchmaking. A wedding is always filled with a lot of impressions, new and inexplicable feelings and emotions.

Each bride feels incredible excitement on this momentous day for her, and each groom tries to show himself courageous and strong, so that the young bride knows that there is a real man next to her, capable of protecting her all her life.

A distinctive feature of Azerbaijani families is that parents have great respect for the choice of their children. As a result, it is very rare for parents to independently look for a suitable pair for their son or daughter.

As in many countries, it is customary in Azerbaijan to send matchmakers. However, before that, the groom's relatives send one of their representatives to the girl's house in order to obtain consent to further matchmaking. Not always, after such a visit, consent is given, and in this case one of the groom's relatives, who has more respect, tries to establish contact with the girl's parents.

Matchmaking in Azerbaijan begins with the meeting of the most respected women from both sides. This happens because only a woman can understand a woman and especially a young girl's heart.

Most often, such meetings are decisive, and when women come to a final decision, after that men from both sides can already meet. When men meet, the girl's father never gives consent to his daughter's marriage the first time, and the girl herself is silent when asked about the wedding.

This matchmaking is called small, and it never comes to a positive decision, which is only made in a big match. This meeting decides only the question of when exactly the main and most important matchmaking will take place.

By the appointed day in Azerbaijan, if the girl's parents agree to marry, all the girl's relatives, close and distant, gather. When the matchmakers come, everyone sits at a large table, and a conversation begins on distant topics.

Everyone is present at the table, except for the girl's mother, she usually enters the room, but never sits down with everyone at the table. After some time of talking, the matchmakers ask their question, for which they came.

They ask if the girl's side would agree to the wedding. Usually the answer is given not by the girl's parents, but by one of her uncles, moreover, the oldest. Obtaining consent is celebrated with a small feast.

Usually such a feast is celebrated with a small lunch and a lot of sweet tea. The girl, who is not at home at the time of matchmaking, is later congratulated by all relatives on her imminent marriage.

It also happens that in a big matchmaking matchmakers may receive a refusal and then all their long efforts will be unnecessary. This is a small disadvantage of the fact that wedding ceremonies stretch over a long period of time.

When matchmaking in Azerbaijan ends, the time for a small betrothal comes, which happens as follows. The groom's relatives come to the girl's house and present a ring, a scarf and sweets.

One of the groom's relatives puts a ring on the girl's finger, puts a scarf over her shoulders and serves sweets, which she must bite. The relatives take the remains of these sweets to the groom.

After this ceremony, a feast begins with many sweets. So the small betrothal ends and the bachelorette party begins, for which the bridesmaids gather.

The bride gives each of her girlfriends her own ring to try on, and the first one to try on the ring according to custom will have to get married soon. Also, the bride puts her hand on the head of each bridesmaid, as if as a sign of blessing for a quick and successful marriage.

The girls are having fun, eating sweets, the remnants of which they then take with them. There is a belief that if you put sweets of the same type under the pillow at night, then the girl may dream of her betrothed.

No other wedding in the world can boast of such an abundance of sweets as at Azerbaijani weddings. Sweets symbolize the sweet life of young people who must live a long and happy life and so that all sorrows and troubles pass them.

The abundance of customs that fill a wedding in Azerbaijan is very interesting. A wedding should always be remembered only from the best side, but how can you forget a sweet wedding, which should be the beginning of a happy and calm life.

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