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The history of friendship between man and dog goes back more than one millennium. In relation to humans, dogs show love and devotion, and if necessary, they can show unparalleled courage.

Laika. The history of this dog is both the most revealing and the most depressing on this list. After all, Laika became not only the first animal to be in space, but also the first victim of such flights. When preparing the experiment, it was dogs that were chosen, not monkeys, since they are better amenable to training. A two-year-old dog Laika was chosen, which weighed 6 kilograms. Before the flight, she underwent surgery, although sensors were installed on the ribs and near the carotid artery. The launch took place on November 3, 1957. The design of the rocket did not involve, in principle, a return to Earth. The sensors in the animal showed that it had successfully survived the launch and orbit flight procedure. In zero gravity, her pulse returned to normal. Laika was able to make 4 orbits around the planet. But due to errors in calculations, the temperature inside the satellite rose to 40 degrees, and the poor animal died from overheating. Laika's flight became a sensation in the Western press. She was admired, but at the same time pitied. For a whole week, the USSR reported on the well-being of an already dead animal, and when it was reported about the death of the animal, a flurry of criticism fell upon the authorities. That flight turned out to be very important. A brave animal proved that a living creature can fly into space, and a person once again demonstrated that in achieving his goals he would not be afraid to kill a friend. In honor of the brave Laika, monuments were erected and songs were written.

Bobby. This story took place in 1923. The collie dog itself belonged to a family living in Oregon. When his master was traveling through Indiana, the dog got lost. Her search did not bring success, and the family returned home. Six months later, the dog showed up in Oregon, having covered 4500 kilometers. Bobby was very emaciated and emaciated, he could hardly stand on his feet. The brave and loyal dog's paws were worn to the bone. The dog was discovered by the adopted daughter of the family, Nova. She called a dirty dog ​​that looked like Bobby, and she answered that name! Nobody can understand how the dog was able to travel such a long way and how it even knew where to go. His journey took place during the winter. The people helping Bobby began to write to his master. The dog was able to remember the way back, appearing in the houses where the family stayed, and in the same cities. This incident made Bobby famous. Newspapers wrote about him, made films, published books. In Oregon, Bobby even built his own dream home - with small windows and curtains on them. The dog was an honorary member at the Portland Show - 100 thousand people came to see it. After 3 years, the dog died, she was buried with honors in a special cemetery for animals. Until now, in Bobby's hometown, February 15 is celebrated as his memorial day.

Apollo. During the 9/11 terrorist attack on America, the K-9 canine special unit took an active part in rescuing people. It was Apollo who was awarded the medal for all the brave dogs who performed that feat. A German shepherd dog was born in 1992, having passed special courses for dogs to search and rescue people. This dog arrived at the scene of the disaster within 15 minutes after its completion. The fire and falling debris nearly claimed the life of the brave rescuer. He was saved by falling into the pool just before the collapse of the towers. After his owner, Peter Davis, pulled the dog out of there, together they continued to search under the rubble and save people. After that story, Appollo worked in the Dominican Republic, helping to clean up debris after hurricanes. The brave dog died in 2006.

Old Shep. This dog helped its owner to herd sheep in Montana. In the summer of 1936, the man fell ill and went with Shep to the city. But the shepherd could not get better, he died. His body was boarded up in a coffin and sent to relatives. Station workers drew attention to the dog when he appeared on the platform and watched the coffin being loaded onto the train. When the squad left, Shep remained in the same place for six years. He met and greeted the four trains that arrived at the station every day. In this case, the dog risked being crushed. In the end, on January 12, 1942, tragedy struck - a blind and deaf dog slipped on the icy rails and could not get away from the locomotive. The famous dog received a detailed obituary, hundreds of people and a guard of honor accompanied her on her last journey. A grave was dug at the top of the hill above the station, and the lights illuminated the letters SHEP even at night. Over time, the station was abandoned, the dog itself was forgotten. Only in 1988 this place was redecorated, and a bronze monument was opened for the dog in the city. Shep stands in the same position in which he was waiting for his master, not afraid of the trains passing by.

Nemo A534. This dog served in the army and was baptized by fire in Vietnam. And he became famous during the attack of enemies on the American base. It happened on December 5, 1966. During the mortar attack, Nemo signaled the presence of scouts. In the ensuing firefight, the dog was wounded in the eye and nose, but nevertheless remained to guard the bodies of the wounded. Nemo did not even allow a medical team sent by the Americans to approach them. Only the veterinarian was able to take the brave dog away from the body of its owner. It was thanks to the dog that he survived in the end. When Nemo got to the veterinarians, he was in poor condition. He underwent a facial skin graft and had his eye removed, as well as a tracheotomy to help him breathe. But it only improved his hearing and sense of smell. After 8 months of treatment, the brave dog was back in the ranks. After those events, the 5-year-old German Shepherd returned to retirement in Texas.

Jackie. This dog went down in history as an implacable critic of Nazism. Moreover, these actions were completely open. A Dalmatian named Jackie belonged to Thor Borg, a businessman from Tampere, Finland. The man himself had a good sense of humor - he taught his dog to raise his paw up, reacting to the word "Hitler" and parodying the greeting of the fascists. Borg was summoned to the German embassy in early 1941, where he was asked about the unusual abilities of his dog. The Finn himself said that he does not call the dog Hitler, but that his wife often calls her that. Borg assured German diplomats that he never sought to offend the Third Reich. Even Berlin found out about this case. The brave dog interested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hitler's own office and even the Ministry of Economy. They decided to influence Borg financially - wholesale trade with him was stopped by influencing suppliers. The Foreign Office was looking for ways to sue Borg and his dog. But the case was closed, as there were simply no witnesses ready to confirm their accusations. The fascists could not stop this mockery. Borg himself lived to be 60 years old, dying in 1969, and Jackie died of natural causes.

Lucanico. This dog went down in history as an ardent rebel. In recent history, Greece has not been without riots associated with the financial crisis in the country. The bow became a cult figure of those events, no demonstration could do without it. The dog distinguished itself by biting the heels of the riot police, barking along with slogans and urinating on the representatives of order. The name of the dog is translated as "sausage", she managed to become a real symbol of resistance. Even a group on Facebook was dedicated to the red-haired dog, which has become familiar in the chronicles of journalists, where they publish the latest news from the life of a brave revolutionary. All Greek newspapers told about the dog, he wagged his tail on many TV channels around the world. Sausage has no owner, she walks around Athens by herself. But as soon as a demonstration and a clash with the authorities begin somewhere in the city, like a dog is right there. He always sided with the protesters, deftly dodging flying stones. Like other stray dogs in Athens, the sausage has a number tag on its neck. We can say that the dog is also fighting for his life - after all, budget cuts may lead to a reduction in the program to protect stray animals.

Gander. This Newfoundland dog was originally named Pal. Children loved to play with a big and kind dog. But Gander accidentally scratched the face of the child with his paw. Concerned about possible problems, the owners gave their dog to serve in the Canadian army. There, the soldiers renamed their four-legged comrade Gander, giving him the post of sergeant. The dog performed its feat in Hong Kong in December 1941. During the fierce battles between the Canadians and the Japanese, Gander twice stopped enemy attacks. When the enemies threw a grenade, the brave dog immediately picked it up and fled towards the Japanese. Gander died in the blast, but managed to save the lives of several wounded soldiers. The dog received its award posthumously and only 50 years after its feat. And the name of the brave dog was included in the list of veterans of that battle on a memorial plaque in Ottawa.

Barry. This St. Bernard went down in history as one of the most successful rescuers in history. Since the 18th century, monks living in the Alps have decided to keep dogs with them so that they can participate in rescue operations in the snowy expanses. Barry was born in 1800 and served at the monastery of St. Bernard. It is located near the Great Saint Bernard Pass. There was once a road linking Italy with Europe. The path was difficult, as the storm often began. The monks bred a special breed - St. Bernard, which, thanks to their instinct and strength, helped to find lost people. Barry himself was smaller than the current St. Bernards. He weighed only 40-45 kilograms. During its life, the brave dog was able to save at least 40 people. The most famous case was the rescue of a little boy who froze to death in an ice cave, hiding there from an avalanche. The dog warmed him by licking him, and then dragged him along the ground and even on his back. According to legend, Barry's death came from the knife of a Swiss soldier. The dog dug him out in the snow, but the man mistook the St. Bernard for a wolf and began to defend himself. In fact, after 12 years of service, Barry retired to the Bern monastery, where he lived for another 2 years. In honor of this dog in the monastery of St. Bernard there is still at least one dog with that name. In 2004, the Barry Foundation was created, which is engaged in breeding dogs of this breed.

Chips. This dog has repeatedly proved that his courage knows no bounds. Chips is considered the most honored and bravest dog of the Second World War. The dog was a cross between a German shepherd, a collie and a Siberian husky and looked pretty harmless. Edward Wren from Pleasantville donated his dog to the army. The dog completed a course of training in guard duty and was assigned to the Third Infantry Division. During his services, Chips traveled to Africa, Sicily, Italy, Germany and France. The dog performed its most famous feat on June 10, 1943. During the landing in Sicily, American soldiers were forced to stop - a machine-gun nest was pouring fire on everything around. Chips then broke into the bunker and forced the Germans to surrender, despite several bullet wounds. The brave dog was introduced to General Dwight Eisenhower, commander of the allied forces. Chips was even awarded the Purple Heart with a Silver Star, but the awards were later withdrawn so as not to offend the soldiers. In December 1945, the dog was discharged from the army and returned to the family of its owner. In 1990, Disney even made a film about those events.

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