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What is a trip without tasting local cuisine? After all, a new country is not only airports, but hotels. Wherever the tourist goes, he strives to get as many culinary sensations as possible, thanks to which you can fully experience the local cultural traditions.

There are countries where food is the main attraction. Here are a dozen of those countries that will not disappoint even the most fastidious eaters with their cuisine.

Thailand. The uniqueness of Thai cuisine is that it combines the traditions of China, India and Oceania. As a result, a technique was created that absorbed all the best and knows how to work with the most delicious ingredients. In Thailand, dishes are traditionally richly seasoned with chili and garlic. Lime juice, coriander and lemongrass are other traditional elements of the local cuisine. They give the dishes the classic pungent flavor that is typical of Thai food. You can fall in love with the local unusual cuisine thanks to at least shrimp paste or the famous fish sauce.

Greece. The real taste of Greek food can be understood thanks to the freshest healthy products - be it octopus or olives. The kitchen is guided by simple rules, it is not customary to mask the original taste or hide it. And is it really necessary to do this when it comes to mouth-watering vegetables, freshly baked bread or fresh Mediterranean fish catch? The main event of the day is lunch, at which the table accepts a whole line of dishes served when ready. Wednesday and Friday are considered traditional fast days in Greece, so vegetarians will be enveloped in the attention of local chefs.

China. Even in dubious semi-underground shops, you can touch the flavor of the local cuisine, let alone the elite banquet halls. It's no coincidence that Chinese cuisine offers some of the finest dishes in the world. Each banquet will use the concept of yin and yang (balance and harmony). This will be expressed at least in the combination of cold foods such as fruits and vegetables, warming spices and meat. The Chinese adore both rice and noodles; all these products are not difficult to find on a rich table.

France. They love to eat in this country. French food is famous all over the world - from snails and baguettes to cheeses and champagne. The cuisine here is playful and flirtatious, flirting with the gourmet with its variety. The country has a mild climate, and a rich history and diverse geographical conditions allow the regions to cultivate their own gastronomic masterpieces. In France, lunch is considered to be the main meal, although recently the two-hour race for meals is becoming more and more irrelevant. Now more attention is paid to just a detailed lunch, it is optimally prepared at home and consists of six different dishes.

Spain. The best place to experience Spanish cuisine is in Barcelona. Gourmets from all over the world speak of Catalan cuisine only in excellent colors. Like many other regional cuisines, spices such as cumin and saffron are emphasized here. They like to treat in Barcelona with honey sweets. A mixture of traditions and delicious ingredients makes food in Spain spicy. In Barcelona, ​​for example, I often use seafood, and a wide variety of sauces are offered with meat. The main meal is lunch, but it usually does not take place until evening.

Mexico. Along with the colonial conquests of Spain, its cuisine migrated to new territories. This also happened with Mexican cuisine, which was also influenced by French and Arabic. The main dishes here are those based on corn or beans. In Mexico, many methods are known, the most famous of which are heard around the world - enchilada, quesadilla, tacos.

Italy. Someone exports technology, someone - natural resources, but Italy is famous for its food. It is no coincidence that the whole world appreciates Italian cuisine. Although there are quite strong culinary differences between the regions of the country, you can easily name several products that will emphasize the culinary status of the country. Who can refuse the finest pizza? Does the mention of pasta or risotto make your mouth water? And you can wash it down with famous and high-quality wine. Dessert is best to wash down with coffee. Here they know how to cook it, like nowhere else. In the matter of roasting grains, Italians have achieved perfection, and the hot drink itself is softly poured into cups, filling everything around with its aroma.

India. As far as India is a multifaceted country, so is its cuisine. The gourmet should only move between states, cities and villages. If in the south the main character is rice, then in the north - roti, or Indian pastries. As a rule, they are combined with either vegetables or dal. This dish is the main one in the country's cuisine, it is prepared on the basis of dal beans, coconut milk, vegetables, seasoning it all with abundant spices. Meat or fish can also be added here. Whatever the final ingredients, a heady handful of exotic spices are added to the dish. They will make the taste buds fully activate, it will be simply impossible to forget such a dish.

Japan. For us, Japanese cuisine is sushi, but in the country itself, local restaurants prefer to pay attention to specific specialties. It can be yakitori (grilled chicken or wax on skewers), tempura (chopped and fried fish), sashimi (raw fish), the same sushi or wheat noodles. Kaiseka is the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine. The preparation of this dish is a real art. Ingredients must be combined in a special way, the dish itself must be prepared, decorated and served in a special way. Attention in Japan is also demanded by the ceremony of food itself, it is also recommended to get pleasure from just contemplation of dishes. The taste of the exquisite products presented in the carefully thought out menu will allow you not to regret the time spent on the meal.

Indonesia and Malaysia. As in other similar cases, the cuisine of these close countries has been strongly influenced by other cultures. The Chinese, Portuguese and colonists left their mark. They all brought in their own ingredients and their own special culinary concepts. As a result, Indonesia and Malaysia got a colorful and famous cuisine. This region is characterized by an abundance of rice, because the land here is fertile and conducive to its cultivation. Spices testify to the times of trade and outside influence, and the fiery chili seems to emphasize a person's passion. Although the cuisine in these countries cannot be called complex, the tastes here are simple, pronounced and deep.

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