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Meaning of the name

Ashot in translation from ancient Persian means "fire".


In childhood, he is not too calm, mischievous, but he is never a ringleader in pranks. Always rushing somewhere, falling, breaking knees. He grows up as a healthy boy, rarely gets sick. Growing up, he becomes a leader among his peers, but not in yard games, but more in intellectual ones: he likes to play: checkers, chess, solve puzzles, crosswords. He enjoys authority among friends.

He is very touchy, if he does not succeed in something, and even someone will make a remark, he may quit and no longer take up what he started. His nervous system is somewhat weakened, his parents should be careful with him. He cannot be punished too harshly, Ashot does not tolerate injustice.

You need to talk to him calmly, without raising your voice. Ashot has a well-developed imagination, he often comes up with various stories, which he himself later believes in. He is very offended when he is caught in a lie.

Ashot, born in winter, has wrestling qualities, can become a professional athlete, and achieves good results in freestyle wrestling. In adolescence, he is very quick-tempered and irritable. Close to his father, likes to spend time with him. Ashot is in no hurry to make a decision, he thoroughly thinks over his every step. But when he dares, he acts swiftly. Obligatory and punctual.

Born in spring, he is a wonderful chess player. Gravitates towards the exact sciences, can devote himself to scientific activities. Most of all he is fascinated by mathematics. Can become a good economist.

Ashot, born in autumn, is very impressive. He needs universal recognition and love. Poorly tolerates failure, falls into depression. He is characterized by imbalance, frequent nervous breakdowns. He should not be overloaded, forced to do something against his will.

It is difficult for him to find his place in life. He is very talented, but does not always know how to realize his abilities. The help of relatives, support of friends is needed, He really needs the love of a loved one, he can get married early.

Born in the summer is faint-hearted, too kind and trusting. But you shouldn't abuse his trust. Having caught in a lie, he immediately breaks off all relations with the deceiver. It is easy to gain his trust, but it is not difficult to lose it. Such Ashot needs a pleasant environment, interesting, meaningful conversations.

He willingly shares his ideas, attracts everyone to their implementation, is not afraid of competition. Not a careerist, but he knows how to succeed. His life principles are reliability, stamina and commitment.

In many ways, he is helped by resourcefulness and wit. Ashot is elegant, always wearing a tie, in an impeccably ironed suit. Strictly approaches the choice of friends, devoted to friendship. Knows how to do a lot in the house with his own hands.

Ashot never stops at what has been achieved, he constantly replenishes his knowledge, improves his professional skills.


He always burns with the flame of desire, but does not always find satisfaction for him. Ashot in love is unusual - he is timid and indecisive, enters into intimate relationships with extreme caution, even with apprehension, at the first intimacy he may not have a strong feeling at all.

Here a lot depends on his partner, it is important for Ashot that she not only needs him as a man capable of satisfying her passion, but also feel tender feelings for him. He needs a love prelude, he wants to "bathe" in the caresses of his girlfriend, whom he usually gives complete freedom of action.

He is not at all indifferent to sex, but he does not like to advertise his connections, does not tolerate conversations on intimate topics, which men often lead among themselves. He can take care of a woman for a long time, meet with her, show various signs of attention before deciding on intimacy. Although by nature Ashot is restrained and timid, he can make the most risky decisions.

Ashot loves variety in the emotional sphere and from time to time complicates his life. He is noble, no matter what happens, his chosen one can always rely on him. In any situation, he knows how not to lose the presence of mind, hope and faith.

He is sentimental, but tries not to show it, his reliability gives a woman confidence and acts on her excitingly. A frivolous woman is not able to win his trust, his subtle intuition protects him from many disappointments and deception. He wants to be sure that his girlfriend belongs exclusively to him, and only then is he able to feel the fullness of sexual experiences.

He places high demands on his future wife, so it may take years before he makes his choice.


Bright green.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Leo.


The sound of the name Ashot gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, strong, brave, mighty, big, active, bright, joyful.

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