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Abedebun - sunrise, view of the day
Abek - stay at home
Abekua - stay at home
Adsila - flourishing
Alameda - grove of triangular poplar
Algoma - Valley of Flowers
Alequa - sweet rubber tree
Amedehi - forest water
Angwasnazomteka - screaming, mother spirit
Anpeitu - shining
Aponi - butterfly
Ayash - small
Ayasha - small

Blandina - Blond

Venona - the first born daughter
Wikimek - wife
Vico - pretty
Wakey Walkan - Holy Star
Winona - the first born daughter
Viteshna - virgin
Wihakade - small
Vona - the singing goose
Wootie is a woman
Venona - the first born daughter

Galilehi - attractive

Jackie is the moon
Doli - azure bird
Donoma - a view of the sun

Zina - rotation
Zitkela - bird

Yoki - rain
Isi - deer

Kividinok - from the wind
Kigsquaw - Virgin
Kizhikoni - burning fire
Kimi is a mystery
Kimimela - butterfly
Kimema - butterfly
Coco - night
Kokyangwuchi - spider woman
Kuuonlelenta - makes a beautiful environment
Kuuonyamtiva - a beautiful badger running over a hill
Kuuonyauma - butterfly shows beautiful wings
Kay - willow tree
Caliska - a coyote chasing a deer
Calferey - violet
Camarin - protector
Katie - singing
Kesa - decked in furs
Kateri is clean
Kachina - sacred ballerina, spirit
Kaya is the older sister

Lenmena - flute girl
Liluye - Soaring Young Songhawk
Litonya - a swift hummingbird
Lomehongwa - a beautiful cloud

Makoi is generous
Meokueni - wears red
Metoateisk - egg-laying turtle
Mijina - the return of the moon
Midzhisi - eagle
Mize - white sun
Mimitech - the new moon
Moema is sweet
Muna - crowded spring
Mageskoi - graceful
Mayera - wise
Maka - earth
Mackitotozyme - she has big breasts
Makoi - maternal care
Melila - fast salmon, swimming
Mansey - plucked a flower
Mapia - sky

Naira - big eyes
Nakpena - evil
Natta is my heart
Njlon the mistress
Nidoi - fairy
Nizhoni - beautiful
Nina - fire
Nita - bear
Nittooshu - she is not sterile
Niebi - deer
Nova - butterfly
Numis - sister
Nedi is wise
Nayeli - I love you
Namid - ballerina, star
Nehimena - mystic
Nash is an owl

Odehingum - slight vibration of water
Oentia - deer
Oinita - deer
Olsums - independent
Ominotego - beautiful voice
Omusa - Missing Arrows
Oneta - from the ground
Orenda - magic power
Oeneta - turtle

Peta - golden eagle
Povo - witch
Pozela - goodbye spring flowers
Pokehontas - she's playful
Polikvaptiva - a butterfly sitting on a flower
Poloma - bow
Pawoka the witch
Pteisenvi - white bull
Poles - dove
Peveti - pure water
Pekwa - frog
Paekuna - a deer jumping downhill
Pemuya - water moon
Papina is a vine growing around an oak tree

Rayen - flower

Sinop - fox
Sitsy is a daughter
Sitela - from a good memory
Sihu - flower
Sokenon - rain
Soyala - the time of the winter solstice
Suletu - fly
Suliva - silver
Seien is beautiful
Sekui - favorite
Salely - squirrel
Senway - red cloud at sunset
Sehkio - mink

Taiyanita - young beaver
Tallulah - jumping water
Telula - jumping water
Tiwa - dance
Tiponi is a child
Tissivunethis - she who swims with her knees
Tolinka - Coyote Ear Flapping
Totsy - moccasins
Tuva - land
Tablita - diadem
Taduey - the wind
Teiji - Return of the Moon
Tainey - Return of the Moon
Teipa - spread wings
Tekchoi - pigeon
Tekela - brush of grain
Teluta - blood red
Temeya - in the center
Taehy - cold

Ulji - the moon
Una - the remembering
Walkie - refuge
Walkanda - has magical power
Uachivi - ballerina
Uta Debun is the star of the day

Herit - beautiful
Hehuti - the spirit of the warrior's mother
Honovi is a strong deer
Huyana - falling rain
Hekidonmuya - waiting time for the moon
Hantavi - Devotee

Chepi is a fairy
Chozovi - azure bird
Cioposi - the eye of the azure bird
Chochmingwu is the mother of grain
Chuzi - snake flower
Chumena - serpent maiden
Chumeni - dewdrops
Charisa - moose

Sheshebens - little duck
Shidiji is the younger sister
Shikoba - feather
Shima - mother
Shimezeni - grandmother
Shuman - rattlesnake handler
Shady is the older sister

Eylen - clear or happiness
Eilen - clear or happiness
Eyyana - ever blooming
Eyyanna - ever blooming
Erica is useful for everyone
Echoes - laughing maiden

Yazhi - small
Fossa - flowering

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