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Meaning of the name

The biblical name of Hell (the second female name mentioned in the Bible after Eve) translates as "decoration".


In childhood, these babies cause a lot of anxiety to parents and caregivers: they are impulsive and stubborn, often get sick, they have weak lungs and throats, and an unstable nervous system. Studying is not easy for them.

The somewhat masculine character of Ada hardly changes with age: she is just as impulsive, stubborn and brave. He achieves his goals not only with penetrating ability, but also with great diligence. It is popular with young people. With her own mother, Ada does not have a relationship.

Ada's fate is often difficult. Despite the obvious success with men, with whom she is more willing than with women, it is difficult for her to get married, and the marriage most often turns out to be unsuccessful.

Born in winter, they have heightened sensuality. Their first marriage is short-lived, girls are born in marriage (for those born in March, usually boys). These are not "domestic" women. They hate and do not know how to cook, but they live a rich spiritual life, they love theater, ballet, they themselves are very plastic. They can talk on the phone for hours, and in the morning they do not mind to lie longer in bed.

Those born in summer are not as sensual as their "winter" namesakes, but fate does not spoil them either.

These women like to dress in an unusual, extravagant fashion, hang themselves with shiny jewelry, prefer black and orange colors. They are restless, possessed by a "passion for changing places," not averse to commanding others. In general, these are kind people.

Most of all, Hell does not like frivolity, inconstancy and idle talk. She is unlikely to be late for the appointment, but she will not approve of someone else's lateness. If you are looking for someone's sympathy and understanding, then try to open up your spiritual problems to Ada. Knowing the value of suffering, she will most likely be able to understand you.


For her, a kiss, a tender word and a whisper of love are part of sexual pleasure. Unfortunately, not every partner with whom Ada is, can express in words what he feels for her.

Ada, born in winter, is a sexually active woman, ready to take the initiative if her partner has not reached the required degree of sexual arousal. Otherwise, she goes to meet his desires. She does everything to please her partner, and is not only submissive to him, but she herself is looking for a favorable opportunity to be active.

Ada loves erotic games, they mean to her, perhaps, more than the sexual act itself, willingly accepts the caress of a partner. She can be brought closer to the sexual climax of touching the chest, stroking the body. During intimacy, she feels relaxed, especially with a constant partner, she quickly approaches the climax. A "winter" man is very suitable for Ada, she is more likely to build harmonious sexual relations with him.

Not all Adas are ready to yield to their partner in sexual desire, these women are very receptive to new sensations. For Ada, the environment where her meeting with a man takes place is of no small importance: a cozy warm bedroom, soft light, pleasant smells - all these are not the last things for her that have a very exciting effect on her.

It is important for her that nothing distracts her, neither extraneous sounds, nor her own state of mind, nor a memory that has emerged inappropriately in her memory. The slightest little thing can sober her up, she gets pleasure from intimacy only on the condition that everything else in her life is good. Joyful events, good luck inspire Hell and sexually.

Ada, born in summer, is vulnerable, she is characterized by strong emotional experiences during intimacy, her partner should be especially sensitive with her on the eve of sexual intercourse - an inadvertently spoken word that seemed offensive to her can interfere with her satisfaction.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Capricorn, Leo.


The sound of the name of Hell gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, smooth, round, kind, majestic, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, active, bright, joyful.

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