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PC users who like to tidy up the desktop and Quick Launch bar, often remove the "Shows Desktop" icon. The operation is completely reversible and does not require significant efforts to recover.

For the same purposes (minimize all windows), you can use hot keys:

Win + D - minimize all windows, pressing again restores windows.

Another combination:

Win + M - minimize all windows,
Win + Shift + M - restore minimized windows.

Win is a button on your keyboard with the Windows logo, in most cases, it is located between the Ctrl and Shift keys. The combination Win + D means that first you must press and hold the Win button, then briefly press the D button.

Or right-click on the Windows taskbar and select Show Desktop or Show All Windows.

It's much easier, faster, and always works even if the minimize all windows file is deleted.

"Minimize all windows" - what is it?

In Windows XP "Minimize all windows" is a Windows Explorer Command for which a kind of shortcut has been created - the file "Minimize all windows.scf" (the extension scf stands for shell command file), the file size is 79 bytes. This file is located in Documents and Settings Username Application Data Microsoft Internet Explorer Quick Launch.

In Windows Vista, the Minimize All Windows icon is present in the Quick Launch, but the XP flaw has not been fixed: this file can just as easily be deleted. File size 258 bytes, located in Users Username AppData Roaming Microsoft Internet Explorer Quick Launch.

In Windows 7, the Minimize All Windows icon is in the lower-right corner of the screen on the Windows taskbar. Unlike previous versions of Windows, the icon is always in its place, it is almost impossible to remove it.

How to actually restore the Minimize All Windows icon

1. First make sure that you have not accidentally disabled the Quick Launch bar.

To do this, right-click the Windows taskbar and move the mouse cursor to the "Toolbar" item. Hold the mouse cursor over this menu item for a few seconds. In the expanded submenu, opposite the "Quick Launch" item, there should be a check mark; if it is not there, left-click on this item ("Quick Launch") and check the "Minimize all windows" button again.

2. Create a text document on the Windows desktop and name it "Minimize all windows".

3. Open the created document and copy the text below into it:

Command = 2
IconFile = explorer.exe, 3
ommand = ToggleDesktop

4. Next, follow the menu "File -> Save As". In the window that opens, in the "File type" field, select "All files", manually add the .scf extension to the file name, get "Minimize all windows .scf" and save the document to the desktop.

5. Check: there should be two files on the desktop - the text file "Minimize all windows" and the one just saved with a new extension (you can recognize it by a specific icon).

6. Move the file "Minimize all windows .scf" to the Quick Launch bar or to its "rightful" place in the Documents and Settings Username Application Data Microsoft Internet Explorer Quick Launch folder.

7. For Windows Vista, do the same. Code for Windows Vista:

Command = 2
IconFile =% SystemRoot% system32 shell32.dll, 34
Command = ToggleDesktop

8. Move the file "Minimize all windows.scf" to the Quick Launch bar or to the Users Username AppData Roaming Microsoft Internet Explorer Quick Launch folder.

9. We enjoy the fruits of our labor!

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